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The “AI For Society” Signature Area brings together a community of experts in the UoA to take a holistic approach to the study of AI, broadly conceived to include and expand all related research activities currently under way, conducting foundational research in the end-to-end data-analysis application pipeline, including designing new data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms, and developing appropriate computational platforms to implement them in real-world use cases, with awareness of the ethical concerns around data collection, and accountable and fair analysis. Grounded on this foundation, applications in vertical sectors, such as manufacturing and construction, health, energy and clean technologies, business and finance, education, entertainment, will be examined. The activities of the area, in collaboration with the ecosystem developing in our city and province, will help advance the province’s economy and this knowledge-translation process will also be examined and analyzed by the Centre.

The Signature Area will be the university’s focal point for scholarship and research around these transformative technologies, and its mechanism for a continued leadership role in supporting the emerging data science ecosystem in Alberta, especially though the design of new programs that can train a broader set of students to enter this ecosystem.